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General Information

Advertiser Benefits

Massive Reach
Every month, over 345 million visits around the globe come to MediaFire1, with 60 million monthly US visits1. Advertisements on MediaFire reach a vast portion of the internet!

Audience Diversity
Complementing our massive reach is a diverse audience with numerous interests. Within the US, our visitors have an average $47,000 household income2. 85% of those visitors are age 18-542, and 53% are male2. Other than exhibiting a generally high affinity for technology and media, our audience represents a cross section of the general population with wide ranging interests.

Engaged User Base Showing Steady Growth
Our users are actively engaged, spending an average 8 minutes per visit2. That totals nearly 2 million hours per day spent on MediaFire1,2. More than 3.5 million Facebook fans have declared their approval and trust in the service we provide, and word is still spreading; Our visitors have increased an average 85% year over year for the past 3 years1.

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Sources: 1Google Analytics, 2Google DoubleClick Ad Planner